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Travis Becker fit me with new clubs in April 2016. It was an easy drive to Beloit Club from my home in Madison. Both Travis and the Beloit Club facilities are first class. Travis was very patient with a high handicap golfer and sensitive to my physical disabilities.Travis does not oversell.  He started me with a driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid and 6 through sand wedge for irons. He suggested I could add on after playing with the new clubs if I felt the need. I added a 4 hybrid later with just a phone call to Travis. In less than a week, the club arrived at my home. Three months later, I can definitely say thanks to Travis for improving my game and enabling me to continue to enjoy playing golf several times a week despite my disabilities.              

   Joyce Narveson  //  Madison, Wis.  //  Recreational Golfer

At the turn of this year, I was in need of new clubs that would take my game to the next level. I knew that if I wanted to spend the money for good clubs, I should get fitted. We made an appointment with Travis Becker, who was recommended by many other golfers. Prior to this, I had never gone to a fitting before. Travis started the session by asking questions about my game and then the clubs I had in mind. I told him I wanted a mixed set of clubs and I felt that this mixed set would complement my game. Travis gave me his input on what I said. During the fitting, he always made me feel like I was in control of the session and product that I was going to buy. He would put his professional opinion on every decision we made, but I would always have the last say on what I wanted. His focus on my fitting and my game was amazing and I have never experienced anything like it. During the fitting, he would even give me a couple tweaks and tips on my swing to help with me and my misses. If anyone is looking for someone who knows exactly what they are doing in a fitting and keeps their players in a very comfortable environment, Travis Becker is definitely your guy.

   Paul Lynch  //  Trevor, Wis.  //  WPGA Junior Champion

I wouldn’t dream of buying a new set of clubs without being fitted by Travis! He knows the engineering, the swing and the mental aspect of the game: he uses the full package to result in selecting the perfect clubs for you.

  Rob Brodbeck  //  Madison, Wis.  //  Neurology Medical Science Liaison

I was “playing” golf for several years thinking that I could learn it without spending money on lessons until, finally, I was so frustrated that I thought about giving up. Luckily, friends of mine suggested I take some lessons from Travis and it was the best advice I’ve ever been given as far as my golf game is concerned. In fact, Travis has been such a big part of restoring my confidence and love of golf that I make regular trips from Madison to Beloit because I can’t imagine trusting my game to anyone else. Travis is not only a great instructor, but a terrific teacher. No matter what the problem was, he was able to analyze it and help me correct it in a matter of minutes, giving me greater confidence in myself all along the way. He didn’t just show me what to do, he taught me how and why the swing works and how to fix problems during the game. When I first started taking lessons with Travis, my goal was simply to break 100. I have since achieved that goal and am starting to shoot in the 90's on a regular basis…and just shot a 90, my best score ever. Had I not taken my friends’ advice, I’m not sure I would even be playing today. But with Travis’ help and expert instruction, I’m playing better than ever and I’m having more fun than ever playing golf.

   Jay Wadd  //  Madison, Wis.  //  Wisconsin State Senate

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my golf game. My new swing has become a part of me and I'm adjusting to the new clubs you suggested. I have been consistently in the mid-eighties, which I haven't been in over a year. Thank you so much. I'll look forward to continuing with you next summer.

   Jan Bruss  //  Janesville, Wis.

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